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Quiz inspired by Harry Potter

Welcome to Hogwarts! Are you a true wizard or witch? Test your knowledge of the wizarding world with this trivia quiz inspired by the books and movies of Harry Potter! Choose your house and make your way through all seven years of Hogwarts by answering over 1000 questions and collecting over 50 achievements. If you ever need assistance, you can rely on the right spell to get you out of trouble. Enjoy the mystery world of Harry Potter! Disclaimer: This is an unofficial, fanmade Trivia-App, based on free knowledge about the world of 'Harry Potter'. All graphics and contents were made by us. The design is a product of our imagination. This App is in no way affiliated with J.K. Rowling, Bloomsbury Publishing and/or Warner Bros. Possible Trade Mark violations are neither wanted nor intended. If there are any interferences, please contact us as quickly as possible, so we can solve the addressed topics.